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He’s nursing a broken heart after a tough break-up with his ex, Francesca Thomas, claims one source; he’s already secretly dating, says another. I don’t live a crazy lifestyle, I live a normal life, I get to do extravagant things like performing to thousands of people – not everyone can get up on stage and sing and all that. It can be crazy with work and different things, but then I go home and put my feet up and watch TV.” Normal. If I looked at social media or press reports it could get on my nerves, so I just laugh it off. They mark a change in tack for Olly, who’s used to filling stadia such as Birmingham’s Genting and Barclaycard arenas. “The outdoor shows are all about feeling good and they’ve been great.

If all of the things that are written about Olly Murs were true, he would have to split himself into a hundred different people. The incessant chat about what he is and isn’t doing is an activity from which he’s disengaged. The shows have had a different atmosphere as the calm and tranquillity of alternative venues have created a new vibe. But I’m an entertainer and this is what I’ve always just done. It’s a good family show and hopefully the sun will stay out for us.” Although Olly’s most recent album, 24 Hrs, was an avowed hit, giving him his fourth consecutive number one and a platinum album to boot, the shows are a celebration of his career.

Using a scale of zero to six, where zero represented “exclusively heterosexual” and six “exclusively homosexual”, over a third of respondents picked a number other than zero or six.

The survey follows a similar one released in January that revealed woman are more likely to say they are bisexual than men.

“ But winter is not here.”And The sun continued to shine as he dominated the stage, dancing, jumping and engaging fans across the stadium. And things were looking up for one man in the audience when admitting he was still looking for love Olly sang ballad I Need You Now to him.

Backed by an impressive 11-piece band, the heartthrob showed his soft side by singing to kids in the front row.

“I’ve changed the set slightly and bunged a couple of songs in to give it a bit of life and a bit of different, especially for those who have previously come along to an arena show.

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“I feel like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, with my Castle behind me, you are my army,” he joked. With flawless energy, a party was what he gave with unrelenting infectious enthusiasm throughout.

The source added: "His apartment building has a shared gym and he's been gloating and how he's been 'up all night.'"Previously talking about his pulling ability, Olly Murs told Daily Star Online: "In terms of dating I've always been old school."Even though I'm famous it's not that hard.

"I think if you put a barrier in front of yourself and say: 'Oh because I'm famous I can't do that' then you're going to just sit at home and do nothing."That being said, Olly admits the fact he is recognised means it can be hard to enjoy a date in public."It can be difficult just taking a girl for a general dinner but I think meeting people is quite easy," he continued.

"I like to go to bars with my mates in Essex and I don't like to put any barriers up so if I meet someone I like and I feel attracted to them then I'll take them on a date.".

A rep for Olly Murs declined to comment when contacted by Daily Star Online.

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