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Upgrade An upgrade is when you go from one version of Quicken to a newer version of Quicken.

For example, if you have Quicken for Windows Premier 2016 and you purchase and install Quicken for Windows Premier 2017, you have upgraded your Quicken version to Premier 2017.

QIF import isn't available for checking, savings, or credit card accounts, or for 401(k) or any other brokerage accounts Quicken Transfer Format (. If you used Rental Property Manager v2, and want to bring your data into Quicken, you can import the data from Rental Property Manager to Quicken.

Quicken RPM does allow you to import the following information from your existing Rental Property Manager v2 data files: Important: You cannot convert transaction data from the stand-alone version of Quicken Rental Property Manager v2 to Quicken Rental Property Manager.

Here are some common issues and suggestions for solving issues when Quicken isn't updating your transactions correctly.

This is a simple and obvious one, so check first to make sure your connection to the internet is working.

If you have purchased Quicken Home & Business, you can use QIF to import transactions into accounts payable accounts and invoice accounts as well. If there are errors, you can click a link to review a log file that contains more information about the QXF import. Type the name of the QXF file you want to import, or click Browse to select it. This log file can also be reviewed later by choosing Help menu If you have your previous year's Turbo Tax data file, you should import it into Quicken before you begin using the Tax Planner.

Then, open the Quicken 2013 file in the latest version of Quicken to complete the conversion.

Visit a website you go to often (a search website such as Google or Bing will work).

If you're able to connect to the site and perform a search, then your internet connection itself is likely not the problem.

A new data file should be created for future data entry.

Stability issues could occur if new data is added to the original file.

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