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The site has one other reason to fast-track the new counseling service: An unexpected marketing opportunity.

Stiller’s holiday movie, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” features an e Harmony counselor who calls him during various adventures and even helps rescue him from customs officials at a New York airport.

Bradford said she also wanted Chicago’s startup scene to be well-represented.“We’re able to let the super-busy doctors meet the super-busy lawyers meet the super-busy tech startup people,” Bradford said.“It’s hard for those groups to meet each other.”The League also referees bad behavior on the app.

If members make a habit of standing up other users on dates, or sending inappropriate messages or photos, Bradford said the company will kick users off the platform.“The whole model is not built on massive numbers; we’re building a small number of high-quality users that are really interested in dating, and we want to make sure we’re preserving that,” she said.

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In reality, it costs ,000 a year for such a service.

In 2016, Dating Headshots rebranded to form Online Profile Pros, to make sure that everyone with an online profile was able to take advantage of the services, not just online daters.

OPP has worked directly with some of the largest online dating and matchmaking companies in the World, including e Harmony, Three Day Rule, Zoosk, and JDate.

OPP operates a network of syndicated professional photographers, profile writers and image consultants, in more than 1000 top cities and towns across the US and Canada.

They know how to make your online profile stand out from the crowd!

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