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A reboot is the last step of the update, where the active and passive partitions are swapped (rollback instructions).These strategies control how that reboot occurs: strategy mandates that each machine acquire and hold a reboot lock before it is allowed to reboot.We believe that automatically updating the operating system is one of the best tools to achieve this goal.We realize that each Container Linux cluster has a unique tolerance for risk and the operational needs of your applications are complex.For platforms which support multiple incompatible major versions of the included web container, programming language, or framework, a separate of the platform is provided for each.For example, the Java with Tomcat platform supports separate configurations for Tomcat 7 and Tomcat 8.The number of machines allowed to reboot simultaneously is configurable via a command line utility: strategy works exactly like it sounds: the machine is rebooted as soon as the update has been installed to the passive partition.

In this section, you can also turn off Windows 10's peer-to-peer update system, which lets your PC download updates from an online network of strangers' Windows 10 PCs.

debug1: /etc/ssh/ssh_config line 17: Applying options for * /etc/ssh/ssh_config: line 20: Bad configuration option: gssapikeyexchange /etc/ssh/ssh_config: line 21: Bad configuration option: gssapitrustdns /etc/ssh/ssh_config: terminating, 2 bad configuration options ~/bin/ssh, then add $HOME/bin to your PATH before anything else.

The reason is GSSAPITrust DNS and GSSAPIKey Exchange are remove from open SSH 6.7p1。Sierra upgrade Open SSH to 7.2p2, So you need downgrade , If you have to use kerberos+ ssh. -1 to Apple for cutting us out of our servers without so much as a warning.

Each configuration of a platform is versioned separately, but updates are generally released for all configurations of a given platform at the same time.

When a new version of your environment's platform configuration is available, Elastic Beanstalk shows a message in the environment management console and makes the Change button available.

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