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It will also give you a list of 33 topics you can discuss with your partner.It's better to ask these questions now than to stumble on them later!* We will never sell your email address or your profile content to third parties.* We have helpful moderators who manage and police our site providing help and support.Since 2001 we've learned more and more about what people want, we've come a long way since then.Joining New Friends4U is a great way to find love and friends and you can easily search for either dating, friendship, pen pals or a sports partner to team up with.In the case of postgraduate students, the personal name-based email address ([email protected]) is removed.

English Whois information is public, but in response to some people wanting to keep their contact information private, many domain name Registrars offer a "privacy" or "proxy" service to mask the domain name owner. My name is Anne and I created New Friends4U to offer a quality friendship and dating service designed to deliver a great opportunity in helping you search and find new people online in your area or around the world.Our focus at New Friends4U is always on good customer experience and service, with 100% approved profiles and email personally responded to.Students can choose to have their Alumni email account deleted by contacting the Service Desk.Note: Students will lose access to any data saved in their One Drive, and in addition, the license to use the Microsoft Office 365 software for free ends, and students will have to purchase a software license from Microsoft or a retailer for continued use.

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